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Corporate Culture – An Introduction

Oct 3, 2017

One of the best byproducts of writing a book is the large amount of accumulated knowledge; some of it is in my book, some still in my file cabinet, and some still stuck in my head. Corporate culture is a topic that is still stuck in my head.  While corporate culture was not expressly addressed…

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Sep 29, 2017

How do you feel when someone tells you “You are doing a fantastic job.” How about when you are congratulated, thanked, and bragged about? I try to be an attentive boss and give compliments and affirmation as soon as I see the need. When someone wins a zoning approval before a contentious commission, they deserved…

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Bad Service

Sep 26, 2017

My intent is to always be blogging about current issues I am experiencing in my business and how the Bible is useful in not only arriving at a solution but at teaching me how to handle similar solutions in the future. My hypothesis is the Bible is the source for great information, not only in…

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I’m Just Looking Out for Myself

Sep 22, 2017

A chasm exists between the business attitude toward selfishness and the biblical commandment for humility. What got me thinking about selfishness was an article subtitle “Be a little greedy with your own needs and make the world around you better in the process.” This article reflected what many other business industry publications have long been saying –…

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Happy Employees

Sep 19, 2017

I’m having a great day; everything is going my way, the sun is shining, and I’m feeling good. You could make the argument that I’m happy and I’d probably agree. If you did not know me, you might think it’s my circumstances that makes me happy. But if you spent time with me, you would…

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Go Ahead – Whine

Sep 15, 2017

Go ahead and whine, or don’t. One of the most important functions of leadership is listening — really listening. Empathetic listening.  Active listening. The problem with listening is that the speaker, the one you are listening to, is often not cooperating. They are not always in a rational, logical state of mind. More often than…

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Itty-Bitty Lies

Sep 12, 2017

I just did it. I did not mean to, but I didn’t want a confrontation or to hurt anyone’s feelings.  It is just a habit, unfortunately, that is automatic and it occasionally happens to me without thinking. I was asked to play golf in an upcoming golf outing. I like golf and the people who…

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Your Decision or Mine?

Sep 9, 2017

What is on the top of my mind today is decision making. Even more specifically is the decision to allow someone to make a decision.  Just to be clear, I’m not talking about choosing whether I want Ford vehicles for my service trucks or Chevy vehicles.  I’m talking about the decision to allow some else the…

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Frustrated or Not?

Sep 5, 2017

I don’t do this often, but I sat down this morning and wrote a list of all the business issues that are nagging at my brain.  I seem to have worked myself into a logjam of problems that seem to continue to pile up into a Mt. Everest size proportion.  What’s worse, none of them appear to…

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Introduction to Zebedee and Sons Blog

Sep 1, 2017

By way of introduction, I am Philip Struble, author of Zebedee and Sons Fishing Co., Business Advice from the Bible.  Since this book and associated blog are only remotely about me, there is no need to go into any great details about Philip Struble. My involvement is limited to the extent I’m using my thirty-years of…

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