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Jun 21, 2018

Do you occasionally question whether you are cut out for running a business? Do you wonder if your innovative ideas will ever become popular? Do you think back on past choices that lead you to be an entrepreneur and question if you made the right choice?             If you have not had moments of…

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The Leadership Choice

Jun 18, 2018

You’re given a long-awaited promotion. This new position is exactly what you are dreaming.  You are climbing the corporate ladder, and finally, you get to start enjoying some of the perks of being in management.  You have worked hard for this opportunity, and you’re not going to miss it. First Step So, what is the…

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Jun 14, 2018

“That is so rude of you to say that.” I’ve heard this phrase, or some derivative of it, occasionally used and I’m not exactly sure what it means. Perceived as Being Rude For this comment to occur, someone had to say or do something.  I suppose rudeness can also be found in not saying something,…

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Goal Setting

Jun 11, 2018

What do you want to be doing in five years? Roger Bannister I have become a fan of Roger Bannister, the first man to run a sub 4-minute mile. An excerpt from his book states. “There were four essential requirements: a good track, absence of wind, warm weather and even-paced running.”   Roger’s main goal…

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Jun 7, 2018

Retrospective, [re-truh–spek-tiv] adjective  directed to the past; contemplative of past situations, events, etc.   Who has time to reflect back on past projects and evaluate past performance? Most entrepreneurs I know would enjoy the opportunity to look back at past projects and reflect on what made them work and what went wrong.  But to do…

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Negative Value

Jun 4, 2018

I’m thinking of sending out holiday cards this year saying, “Wishing You All the Bad Luck in 2018.” Maybe I’ll add a skull and crossbones, use dark and dreary colors, and use paper that looks like I pulled it out of the trash.   I wonder if Hallmark or American Greetings have thought of this yet?…

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The Race of Business

May 31, 2018

Business is a race. One of my hobbies is to run 5-K running events. The races I prefer occur early on a Saturday morning, are to raise money for worthy charities, have enough runners, so I do not feel like I’m running alone, and are fairly challenging.  By running these races, I can gauge my…

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Go With Your Gut

May 28, 2018

Even though the odds are 300-1, I’ve just got this gut feeling that the Browns are going to win the Super Bowl next season. Instincts I enjoy reading business advice telling me to go with my instincts, to trust my gut reaction regardless of the situation. These experts tell us to “do a body scan,”…

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May 24, 2018

So, you think you are indispensable (ha ha, chuckle, chuckle, laugh, laugh)? As the age-old saying goes, take a bucket of water, stick your finger in the water. The hole that remains when you remove your finger represents how indispensable you are. Are You or Are You Not Indispensable Intuitively we know everyone is dispensable,…

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May 21, 2018

How many people do you know today that you did not know yesterday? How many do you know today that you did not know last week?  How about last month? Or a year ago? Meet People I own and manage an engineering company.  And not to disparage too many of my peers, but I think…

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