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Business Advice from the Bible

As company leaders, we all too often forget that the most valuable source of information we have is from the Creator himself, and is found in His Word which is designed to guide us through all of life’s journeys.  This includes even our businesses.

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Changing You

February 14, 2019

What do you do when you recognize that a change is needed – and you are the one that needs to change?             Ouch! That’s a tough question and one that needs to be answered as frequently as it is asked. Recognizing Change is Needed How do you know change is needed?  If you are…

Struggling to be Heard

February 11, 2019

Communication is your number one tool in the workplace. As an employee, to be able to communicate concise, thoughtful, strategic ideas to others effectively is how you make your mark in any work environment.  Being that person who everyone listens to when they speak is powerful. This communication tool is valuable up and down the…

Unexpected Changes

February 7, 2019

All change, even for your benefit, is difficult.  Unexpected change, however, adds an element of stress that causes most business people to second guess their management abilities. Unexpected Change All change comes in the form of either a planned and anticipated change or as an unplanned and unexpected change.  In a planned change, you can…

Work Stinks

February 4, 2019

You have an employee that obviously hates their job.  What do you do? The Employee As an employer, we have all seen that one employee who visibly just hates their job.  Most of the time these employees start their employment with great enthusiasm.  But as time moves on, their attitude changes and the job they…

Ready to Quit

January 31, 2019

Your suspicions are telling you that one of your key employees is about ready to quit. What should you do? Quitting             This is a great hypothetical question.  If it were real and it has finally reached you that one of your employees is going to quit, it is most likely too late to do…