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Business Advice from the Bible

As company leaders, we all too often forget that the most valuable source of information we have is from the Creator himself, and is found in His Word which is designed to guide us through all of life’s journeys.  This includes even our businesses.

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Pride in Your Work

September 17, 2018

Do you take pride in your work? Or, should you take pride in your work? Tension Between Your Work and the Bible In today’s world, there exists a strong cultural tension between the pride in business and the dangers of pride found in the Bible. Business          In business, we are encouraged to take pride in…

Belonging at Work

September 13, 2018

Where do you belong? Do your employees think they belong with your company? Belonging Maybe I’m just reminiscing about the “good old days,” but I like the stories about when men and women took a job out of college or off the farm and kept that job until they retired. When I happen to read…

Let’s All Volunteer

September 10, 2018

There are only a few opportunities in life where it is totally acceptable to be selfish. And one of those opportunities surprisingly is volunteering. Volunteering Not many people consider time spent volunteering to be for their own benefit, but it’s true.  Time spent volunteering easily delivers as much back to the volunteer at it does…


September 6, 2018

Which leadership skill is the most important? listening motivating empathy relationship building self-awareness The answer is probably dependent on your leadership style and experience. I think, however, many would agree self-awareness is the leadership skill that garners the least attention. While there is not a single formula for being a good leader, self-awareness seems to…


September 3, 2018

Thank you. Is that so hard to say? In the Workplace Intuitively, I know that thanking people is a strong motivator. I see it in myself. When someone goes out of their way to thank me for some act, regardless of how small, I feel good.  They thanked me, and I had a positive reaction.…